• Services: Maintain leadership in the provision of hydrokinetic cleaning and production teams at national level, with a significant presence in international markets.
  • Works: Project continued growth in the field of construction, positionig us in public works market and inserting ourselves in private works.


  • Services: Provide cleaning solutions, recovery and development of industrial machinery paying particular attention to safety and environmental protection.
  • Works: Build and promote quality construction, with qualified staff, service and technology to meet the needs of our customers.



  • Stand out for quality and continuous improvement of our processes and services, constantly supporting the professional and personal development who make up this company.
  • Generating in each employee incorporating safety habits, achieving the development of quality jobs in compliance with current standards.
  • Getting our customers and suppliers, consider us allies in business and financial management.
  • Commitment to return to our shareholders.
  • Preservation of the Environment.
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Our Products

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