Made with high quality materials ; own manufacturing and design, are suitable for the widest range of requests from industry.


We have the trained staff to provide technical assistance and solutions in terms of our water pumps and their applications.


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General Characteristics:

  • Driven by electric or internal combustion engines.
  • Synchronous Pulleys reduction
  • Crankshaft designed and manufactured dynamically balanced
  • Splash lubrication in bearings Piston Rods and Guides
  • Pistons , ceramic and hard metal.
  • Gaskets Teflon / Kevlar.
  • Given the need to function with other conditions of flow or pressure, it is only necessary to change the piston / packings to adapt .



  • Security systems:
    • - Instant Stopping the equipment in case of breakage or obstructions in the channels or nozzles.
    • - Instant Stopping the equipment in case of problems with the water supply.


Construction materials:

  • Mechanical body generously sized , heat treated
  • SAE 4140 steel crankshaft forging , heat treatment , grinding and nitrided
  • Steel rods with high strength Babbitt Bearings
  • Bushings Bolts Cranks Phosphor Bronze
  • Hydraulic stainless steel head online forged valves , heat treated .
  • Valves, springs and other internal stainless steel heat treatment.
  • Stainless steel pistons high hardness. Ceramic or Carbide .
  • Kevlar Teflon gaskets .